Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival
Annual Nightly Musical
Information Page
SCRIPT: Prior to orientation, you are asked to review the script and then confirm your participation and provide your detailed conflicts prior to orientation - if you have not already done so.   

CONFLICTS: Casting was made with conflicts noted on your applications generally in mind. Many identified general conflicts that did not preclude preliminary casting at this time. EVERYONE who accepts their role must complete the CONFLICT FORM to provide all of your SPECIFIC conflicts before orientation (you may wait until after the script has been provided for your review to make an informed decision).  Below is a link to the production calendar - please start identifying your specific conflicts to assess whether you can realistically participate. If you determine your conflicts will prove to be too significant (zero is the expected goal - minimal may be entertained),  please let us know promptly.  NOTE: Conflicts noted on your application will not be transferred.  Excessive conflicts - especially without returning from a conflict prepared - will always remain a reason for dismissal from the production.


We want to thank everyone who came to audition for the 2018 nightly musical pageant and want to be a part of this beloved and respected tradition.  We expect that you all are ready to have fun, BUT not at the expense of following ALL rules.  Attempting to rely on "I didn't know" with respect to information that is clearly posted will do no good.
CHANGED YOUR MIND?: If you have been cast and decide not to participate for any reason, please be courteous and let us know promptly so that we might make whatever adjustments might be needed in a timely manner.  Remember, we have taken some costume measurements and may begin preparations based upon them.  If you are cast and know someone else who was cast who has decided not to take their position, please ask them to let us know.

ORIENTATION: Orientation is scheduled for SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2017 @ 2:15 p.m. until about 5:30 p.m. on the pageant stage inside the fairgrounds.    It is very important that you be there.  If you MUST miss, you are required to catch up on what you missed from another cast member as soon as possible.  The assumption will always be that everyone is aware of everything the cast has been told! LEADS ARE PARTICULARLY EXPECTED TO ATTEND AS WE WILL DO A SCRIPT READ/SING.
MANDATORY FIRST REHEARSAL: The first rehearsal is mandatory for all cast members.  It is scheduled for Saturday, January 6, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  The basic blocking for the entire show will be provided, so it is CRITICAL that all cast members, particularly leads, be in attendance in order to be prepared for the remaining rehearsals.
E-MAIL REGISTRATION: In order to be cast in the show or volunteer, you must agree to receive e-mail from our broadcast e-mail system.  This is done by using the REGISTER EMAIL link below AFTER READING ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON THAT PAGE!

(only related cast members should lump together unless you will be sharing an e-mail as well).
FORMS: In order to participate everyone must complete a series of county and pageant required forms depending upon whether you are 18 and over or under 18.  We have streamlined from past years and put all of the forms into one document based upon these two age groupings.  These forms need to be turned in at orientation on December 3.  You are encouraged to complete them early.
HANDBOOK: Below you will find a link to the Handbook for this year's production.  It provides essential information, expectations, calendar info, phone and e-mail contact information for staff, etc.  EVERYONE IS EXPECTED to know the information in the handbook.

CONFLICTS: I have read and understand the above conflict information.
CHANGED MIND?: I understand I should let you know promptly if I decide not to participate; I agree to do so.
ORIENTATION: I understand I am expected to be at Orientation and will make every effort to be there.
FIRST REHEARSAL: I understand the importance of the First Rehearsal and will make every effort to be there.
E-MAIL: I understand that I must register my e-mail and will do so now (if I haven't already).
SCRIPT: I understand that I need to print my own copy of the script to bring to rehearsals.
CONFLICT FORM: I will fill out the form below with my official conflicts before the Dec 3rd orientation.
FORMS: I understand I need to complete the forms below, based on age, for each participant by orientation.
HANDBOOK: I understand that I have to download and read the Handbook (link below) prior to orientation.
TIME CHANGES: Hey, I see you have adjusted the times for some rehearsals from the past! I've noted the new times!